Submission of Advance Cargo Information and Licensing of All Freight Forwarders

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) would like to inform you of important legislative changes that have come into effect regarding freight forwarding operations.

Effective 1st August 2023, all Freight Forwarders are mandated to adhere to the provisions outlined in Section 148A of the Customs Act, 1986. These changes have been enacted under the legislation amendments of Act No.7 of 2023.


It is imperative that all involved parties, including airline, shipping, and cargo agents comply with these regulations. FRCS is committed to facilitating smooth and efficient customs processes, and adherence to these legislative requirements is crucial in achieving this goal.


Additionally, note that:


  1. Section 11B (1) of the Customs Act applies to all ships and aircrafts due to arrive in Fiji from a place outside of Fiji.


  1. Pursuant to Section 11B (2) all ships and aircrafts due to arrive at its first port or airport in Fiji since it last departed from a port or airport outside of Fiji must provide particulars of all goods –

(a) that the cargo reporter has arranged to be carried on the ship or aircraft.

(b) that will be unloaded in the first port or airport or any subsequent port or airport on the same voyage or flight; and

(c) except goods that are accompanied personal or household effects of a passenger or crew member or goods that are ship’s stores or aircraft’s stores.


This notification serves as a gentle reminder to all licensed manifest clerks to adhere to the requirements outlined in Section 11B. In addition, Freight Forwarders who have not obtained a license from FRCS are urged to submit their applications by 31st March 2024.

 For any queries, please contact the following:


Name Email Phone Contact
Air Cargo Control Unit 


Port Control Unit


Customs Licensing Unit CustomsRevenue@frcs.org.fj



Mr. Malakai Naiyaga


18th March 2024

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