FRCS wishes to advise all employers with multiple branches and submitting weekly and fortnightly Pay Day reports on the Taxpayer Online Service (TPOS) that it will no longer allow those payday reports with duplicate pay periods.

The change comes as a result of the increased number of duplicate entries of pay periods and amounts received from employers with multiple branches. Thus, in most cases, an employer would have a particular pay period entered multiple times by other branches.

On TPOS, employers need to create payment periods by entering the period start date, period end date, date on which the wages were paid and the payment frequency.

There are 4 possible payment periods:

  • Monthly (employees are paid once a month: 12 payments a year)
  • Bi-monthly (employees are paid twice a month: 24 payments a year)
  • Fortnightly (employees are paid once every two weeks: 26 payments a year)
  • Weekly (employees are paid once every week: 52 payments a year)

Employers will be prompted on TPOS if a pay period has already been entered. The employer has to then upload the Payday for all payment periods falling within the filing period.

Employers who have multiple branches and/or paydays will now submit a consolidated report of all their employees provided the pay dates are within the same pay period i.e., Start Date and End Date.

We urge all employers to file their payday reports on TPOS to ensure that it is aligned with the above changes.

For more information or assistance, please call us on 3243000 or 1326 or email info@frcs.org.fj or tpos@frcs.org.fj

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