Manifest Submission Procedures for Sea Port

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Service wishes to advise Carrier/Shipping Agents, Cargo Agents and VSA partners in Suva and Lautoka that the changes in the manifest registration in regards to import and export procedures outlined below will be effective from 1st September 2018.

1. Only the Carrier/Shipping Agents should register inward/outward cargo manifest in the ASYCUDA World system for inbound/outbound vessels carrying import/export cargo.

2. Carrier/Shipping Agents should register only one (1) import/export cargo manifest per inward/outward vessel and any addition to the registered import/export cargo manifest will require a formal request for manifest amendment.

3. Carrier/Shipping Agents should register all direct B/Ls and VSA partners’/Freight Forwarders’ master B/L (MBL).

4. Carrier/Shipping Agents should enter VSA partners’/Freight Forwarders’ TIN in the Cargo Agent field on all MBL.

5. VSA partners/Freight Forwarders as authorized Cargo Agents should link the entire house B/L to the MBL registered by the Carrier/Shipping Agents within 24 hours from the time of departure for outbound vessels, and 48 hours before arrival for inbound vessels.

6. This notice supersedes the export manifest submission for VSA partners endorsed in the May 2017 Export Public circular as point No. 13.

7. Carrier/Shipping Agents should also submit inward and outward clearance documents to Customs Boarding/Manifest officers for upload in the export/import manifest.

8. Carrier/Shipping Agents and Cargo Agents should account for their own manifested goods.

The Service wishes to advise all stakeholders that failure to adhere to the above instructions will result in imposition of appropriate action as stipulated in the Customs legislation. Enquiries concerning this notice may be directed to the following Officers;

– Mr. Selemo Savou, CCO Border, Suva/Lautoka:
o Mobile: 8614145
o email: ssavou001@frcs.org.fj

– Mr. Jale Samuwai, PCO Border, Suva:
o Mobile: 9981296
o email: jsamuwai@frcs.org.fj

– Mrs. Arieta Veitaladrua, PCO Border Lautoka:
o Mobile: 9981297
o email: amaafu@frcs.org.fj

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