Mandatory Attachment of Scan Document for the Removal of Approved Exercisable Goods

Pursuant to Section 6 of the Excise Act, the Fiji Revenue & Customs Services (FRCS) wishes to advise all Customs House Agents and Licenced Excise Factories that with effect from 1st January 2019, the following documents will be mandatory to attach as scan documents for all goods cleared ex-bond from Excise factories.

1. Weekly manufacturing certificate;
2. Removal certificate for home consumption;
3. Removal certificate for export;
4. Purchase order for goods supplied for duty free shops;
5. Approved application for ships stores;
6. Approved application form for clearing excise goods duty free for Diplomatic missions. (FA608 Form)
7. Export Bill of lading; and
8. Export commercial Invoices.

The ASYCUDA World system will only allow and facilitate the processing of the Customs declarations if the above documents are electronically attached to the SAD.

All enquiries or clarification of the above requirements is to be directed to:
1. Lautoka: Marika Vuniyayawa on telephone: 6626662 or email; mvuniyayawa@frcs.org.fj
2. Nadi: Airport: Mahendra Keshwan on telephone: 6734359 or email; mkeshwan@frcs.org.fj
3. Suva: Sharmila Sharma on telephone: 3243850 or email; ssharma001@frcs.org.fj

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