Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I become a Gold Card member?
    The prerogative lies with Revenue and Customs Service CEO and the selection is based on compliance in the matters of taxation and Customs.


  2. How frequent do you take in new Gold Card members?
    It is done every 2 years.


  3. What is the turnaround time for members at the Gold Card Service Centre?
    Provided all documentary requirements are in order, you will be served as quickly as possible.


  4. What makes the service at the Gold Card Service Centre different from the normal Revenue and Customs customer service?
    The members will be assisted by senior and experienced Tax and Customs officials and will enjoy the facilities such as free Wi-Fi, watch their favourite SKY TV shows and free Coffee.


  5. Who can enjoy the service at the Gold Card Service Centre?
    The Gold Card member company(s) (who are issued with the Gold Card certificates) together with their subsidiaries and related companies as well as 2 Gold Card nominees of the company.


  6. Is there any other benefit with the Gold Card issued to the nominees?
    The Gold Card unit works closely with other Government agencies for facilitation of services needed in the course of doing business.

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