TCU Operational and Strategic Planning Day

The Transnational Crime Unit (TCU) met at the FRCS Headquarters in Nasese for the operational and strategic planning to further strengthen their collaborative efforts in safeguarding the integrity and security of Fijian borders and community.

While addressing the Unit, FRCS CEO, Mr. Udit Singh stated that the partnership between FRCS and TCU is a critical one, united by a shared vision and commitment to protect Fiji from the threats posed by transnational crime.

“Our shared vision is clear- to create a safe and secure environment for all Fijians, fostering economic growth and stability through effective law enforcement and border protection. This includes preventing the illegal entry of goods, contraband, and individuals who pose a threat to our nation,” Mr. Singh said.

“Another fundamental responsibility for FRCS is protecting our nation’s revenue. We must work together to prevent smuggling and other illicit activities that undermine our economy and deprive the government of crucial funds needed for development and public services.”

According to Mr. Singh, this vision requires TCU to be vigilant, innovative, and firm in their efforts to combat the illicit activities that threaten Fijian borders and undermine the economy.

Director of Narcotics of the Fiji Police Force Mr. Fiso Nasario highlighted that strategy was a very important tool to achieve goals and it was imperative that TCU develops effective strategies to protect the Fijian border.

FRCS Director Border and Customs, Ms. Shelini Kumar shared the positive strategies currently undertaken by the Customs Division to further enhance capabilities on border protection.

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