Regional Workshop On Navigating Complex Tax Technical Audit Issues

FRCS senior executives are attending a week-long Regional Workshop on Navigating Complex Tax Technical Audit Issues which is organised by the Pacific Islands Tax Administrators Association (PITAA) and Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Centre (PFTAC) at the Holiday Inn in Suva.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance and Strategic Planning, National Development, and Statistics, Hon. Prof. Biman Prasad officiated the Workshop. Our CEO Mr. Udit Singh also attended the opening session.

The Workshop serves as a platform for tax administration representatives from PITAA and PFTAC member countries to come together, discuss challenges, share insights, and best practices and receive training on complex and technical tax issues.

It also aims to foster an environment of mutual learning, where contemporary approaches and solutions to complex tax matters can be explored collectively and encourage collaboration among member countries in helping each other to address tax compliance issues. Overall, the Workshop provides an exciting opportunity for professionals to engage, learn and collaborate effectively for the advancement of revenue administration in the Pacific region.

The Workshop ends on this Friday.

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