FRCS Meets with the Director of the Crime Investigation Department

In the ongoing pursuit of safeguarding our borders and communities against illicit trade, illegal movement of cargo, and human trafficking, partnership and collaboration have emerged as vital pillars. Recognizing this imperative, the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) met with the Director of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and her team on Wednesday, 13th March. The objective was to explore avenues for reinforcing partnerships and bolstering efforts to fortify our nation’s border security.
Border security stands at the forefront of national priorities, encompassing a multifaceted approach that demands seamless coordination and cooperation among various stakeholders. The meeting underscores the commitment of both entities to synergize their efforts and address the evolving challenges posed by transnational crime and illicit activities.
At the heart of effective border security lies the power of collaboration. By joining forces, customs agencies, law enforcement bodies, and other relevant authorities can pool resources, intelligence, and expertise to combat threats effectively. FRCS recognizes the critical role played by the CID in combating cross-border crimes, and thus, seeks to forge closer ties to enhance information sharing and joint operations.
During the meeting, discussions centred on identifying areas of mutual interest and exploring strategies to optimize existing partnerships. Both parties deliberated on innovative approaches to intelligence gathering, risk assessment, and enforcement activities aimed at disrupting illicit trade networks and preventing the unlawful movement of goods and individuals across our borders.
As Fiji is seen as a gateway to the world, ensuring robust border security is paramount not only for safeguarding economic interests but also for protecting our communities from the adverse impacts of transnational crime. By fostering strong partnerships and collaboration, the FRCS and the CID demonstrate their unwavering commitment to upholding the integrity of our borders and safeguarding the well-being of our citizens.
The meeting also served as a testament to the shared determination to confront the challenges posed by illicit activities directly. Through strengthened partnerships, enhanced cooperation, and a unified approach, we can fortify our defences and build a safer, more secure future for Fiji and its people.

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