FRCS Holds Tax Day

This morning, FRCS hosted the Tax Day celebrations under the theme “The Evolution of Tax and its Role in Building a Prosperous Society.” This marks the second Tax Day observed by FRCS in the past 12 years, commemorating the history of taxation in Fiji and honoring all those who have contributed to its development.

During the event, FRCS CEO, Mr. Udit Singh, shared insights into Fiji’s taxation history. According to records in Ronald Derrick’s book ‘A History of Fiji’ (1950), the earliest recorded tax in Fiji was imposed by individual chiefs during the establishment of the General Assembly in Levuka in 1865.

Mr. Singh highlighted significant milestones in Fiji’s tax legislation, noting that the first tax law was the Income Tax Ordinance 1920, followed by the Income Tax Act 1974. A pivotal moment occurred from 1988 to 1992 with the implementation of the Value Added Tax (VAT) on July 1, 1992.

In 2003, there was a transition from the Tax Information System (TIS) to the Fiji Integrated Tax System (FITS). Furthermore, on April 5, 2023, FRCS announced the successful completion of its latest digital system, the Taxpayer Online Service (TPOS).

In addition to the informative sessions, the celebration featured various activities catering to all age groups, including coloring, poster, and essay competitions. It is important that our children know the critical role taxes play from a young age. It is our intention to mark Tax Day annually with a wider audience and activities.

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