FRCS Applauds Women In Customs

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) would like to congratulate six women in our customs and border control division for successfully graduating from the third phase of the Pacific Women’s Professional Development Program (PWPDP) last week.

Graduates Chief Customs Officer Claudette Whippy, Senior Customs Officers Tale Tikoisuva, Preethi Prasad, Mereoni Jikotani, Laisa Naulumatua and Customs Officers Anshu Mudaliar and Ani Mei Salusalu are not only proving that they can lead at all levels of FRCS but are also ready to mobilise positive changes in border protection, tax compliance, transnational crime investigations, maritime surveillance and facilitation of trade.

Keeping in line with the 2024 International Women’s Day campaign theme of “inspire inclusion”, our customs women are not only inspiring their fellow female colleagues to be included in leadership roles but for more women to join the customs profession.  

In a joint initiative between the Oceania Customs Organisation (OCO), the Australian Border Force (ABF) and RMIT University, 44 women from 14 Pacific countries graduated from the third phase of the PWPDP.

Applauding our women for their excellent achievement, FRCS Acting CEO, Mr. Malakai Naiyaga said this was a fantastic achievement for our customs and border control leaders.

“It is great to see that our women are overcoming the hurdles and are making positive advances towards leadership role. We are proud of you all – well done,” Mr. Naiyaga said.

“FRCS is working actively and steadily over the years to become a gender-balanced administration and I am proud to state FRCS has a good gender balance in our leadership team and throughout the organization.”

FRCS Chief Customs Officer, Ms. Claudette Whippy said “Previously we thought that strategic leadership belonged to the executive level in our agencies.  But now we’re confident to apply strategic leadership within our own teams, units and departments to accomplish positive border protection outcomes.”

FRCS will be commemorating the International Women’s Day 2024 on Friday afternoon. Oceania Customs Organisation (OCO) Head of Secretariat Ms. Nancy Oraka will be the Chief Guest while we will also have speakers from Australian Tax Office (ATO), Australian Border Force (ABF) and FRCS.

FRCS would like to wish everyone a happy International Women’s Day.

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