Fiji’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance and Strategic Planning, National Development, and Statistics, Hon. Prof. Biman Prasad Visits FRCS Offices in West

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Professor Biman Prasad visited the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) offices in Nadi and Lautoka, the Nadi International Airport, and the Lautoka Wharf, alongside the newly appointed FRCS CEO, Mr Udit Singh.

The visit aimed to address pressing issues concerning border control, tax compliance, staff challenges, and fostering a positive relationship with taxpayers. Discussions also revolved around combatting Fiji’s significant drug problem through strengthened border control measures.

Professor Prasad emphasized the urgency of curbing this growing concern, stating, “Effective border control mechanisms are essential in combating the alarming drug issue plaguing our nation. We must work tirelessly to ensure our borders remain secure.”

Professor Prasad reiterated the importance of tax compliance, stating, “Those who should pay tax must pay tax. Income generation is pivotal in sustaining government services and ensuring uninterrupted progress within our society.”

Acknowledging the Coalition Government’s focus remains on fiscal consolidation and reducing the debt to GDP ratio, Professor Prasad emphasized the ongoing importance of revenue collection.

He said “our work does not end here. Revenue collection remains a critical component in our efforts to sustain economic stability and provide essential services to our citizens.”

During the visit, FRCS staff had the opportunity to voice their concerns directly to the Deputy Prime Minister.

In response to the concerns raised, Professor Prasad affirmed, “The well-being of FRCS staff is paramount. We are committed to addressing the challenges faced by our dedicated employees and ensuring they have the support they need to carry out their duties effectively.”

Source: Ministry of Finance, Fiji       

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