Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) met with our Customs team

Recently, a team from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) including the Regional Director Ms. Irene Serry and Ms. Shannon Needle met with our Customs team.
The visit of the CBSA to Fiji marked a significant milestone in our pursuit of strategic partnerships and information exchange. During their meeting, fruitful discussions were held with our Customs team, laying the groundwork for a potential collaboration aimed at bolstering intelligence sharing efforts.
The prospect of forging ties with Canada holds immense promise towards diversifying our network of allies and strengthening bilateral relations. With Canada poised to become a key partner in intelligence sharing, this development assumes heightened importance, particularly considering the growing volume of direct flights from Vancouver and the seasonal influx of yachts during the yachting season.
This partnership will enhance our collective capacity to address emerging security challenges and safeguard our shared interests. As we prepare to embark on this journey of collaboration, the potential benefits extend far beyond intelligence sharing alone, offering a platform for cultural exchange, economic cooperation, and shared progress. In bridging the gap between tradition and modernity, Fiji and Canada are now setting the stage for a new chapter in bilateral relations, one defined by synergy, partnership, and mutual respect.

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