ABF Conducts Capacity Building on AEO for FRCS Staff









The Australian Border Force (ABF) is conducting a capacity building workshop on Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Programme for FRCS staff.

The AEO Programme is designed for ‘trusted traders’ who are able to demonstrate consistent quality, compliance and trustworthiness in their supply chain. Under this programme the ‘trusted traders’ are accorded benefits by the Customs administrations to assist in the movement of international cargo.

FRCS CEO, Mr. Udit Singh stated that through the AEO programme, Customs can rely on its partners in the trade community to evaluate and address threats to their own supply chain.

“The risk confronting Customs is reduced. Therefore, companies that demonstrate a verifiable willingness to enhance supply chain security will benefit. Minimising risk in this way helps Customs in performing their security functions, and in facilitating legitimate trade,” Mr. Singh said.

 Fiji currently has seven AEOs and we wish to increase this number. This will not only benefit the business community but also enable us to secure a bigger portion of the supply chain and facilitate greater volume of cargo.

Our CEO also expressed gratitude to ABF and the Australian Government for their continuous support to FRCS.

ABF’s Counsellor, Pacific (Offshore) Network, Superintendent Uriah Turner said over the past year, the ABF has been increasingly working with FRCS on trade related support.

“AEOs are important to enable Customs administrations to effectively work with industry. Established programs can reduce the red tape for trusted traders at the border, and expedite the flow of cargo, which means faster access to market. It is good for the economy and financial health of our countries,” Superintendent Turner stated.

He also encouraged all participants to actively contribute and share ideas to maximise learning. For more information of the Fiji AEO Programme, please click on this link https://frcs.org.fj/our-services/gold-card-services/fiji-authorised-economic-operator-aeo-programme/.


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