Methamphetamine Detected in Suva

A jointly controlled operation conducted by the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) and the Fiji Police Force on Tuesday has resulted in the arrest of three individuals in Raiwaqa, Suva suspected of importing the illicit drug methamphetamine.

FRCS Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mark Dixon said that the joint operation was another example of how the FRCS and its law enforcement partners worked in collaboration to keep illicit and lethal drugs off the Fijian streets.

“The close collaboration, vigilance, and capabilities of all stakeholders at the borders continue to disrupt criminal syndicates attempting to bring drugs into the country. We are not only detecting drugs at the border but together we are stopping those involved in their importation,” Mr. Dixon said.

By preventing the trafficking of illegal drugs, FRCS is protecting the Fijian communities against devastating social impacts, saving lives, and reducing drug-associated criminal activities and health problems.

According to Mr. Dixon, organised criminal groups are very agile in adapting their smuggling efforts to try and take advantage of any situation.

However, he stated that the combined capabilities of all border enforcement agencies made it difficult for those wanting to smuggle illicit substances and the success of this controlled operation is a testament to that.

Fiji’s Acting Commissioner of Police Juki Fong Chew echoed similar comments adding, “The modus operandi of those involved in the illicit drug trade is constantly evolving and similarly, new measures are being adopted by law enforcement stakeholders to disrupt their operations”.

“Every arrest, every seizure goes a long way in safeguarding and protecting individuals, families and our society from the devastating impacts of illicit drugs”.




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