FRCS Unveils 2023-2025 Strategic Plan

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) has unveiled its new strategic plan outlining the Service’s strategic priorities and roadmap for the period 2023-2025.


FRCS CEO Mr. Mark Dixon stated that the new plan is designed to provide clear direction to all FRCS’s clients, customers and partners and to highlight the Service’s future actions to deliver strong revenue growth in support of the national budget.

“We have a new Board of Directors appointed in 2023 and a new executive team. Our economy is successfully recovering post the pandemic. It is therefore timely to review our FRCS vision and priorities as we seek to steer the organisation from ‘good to great’ between now and 2025.” Mr Dixon said.

The key themes, which will drive continuous improvement for FRCS over the next three years are:

1. Becoming an Employer of Choice

FRCS recognises that its people are its greatest asset and acknowledges that excellent service delivery to the Fijian public hinges on the excellence of the FRCS team. From now to 2025, the Service will create a high-performance culture and be an employer of choice by undertaking an organisational capacity assessment, recruiting, assessing and rewarding staff fairly, embedding a culture of learning, using data to drive engagement and creating a culture of engagement.

2. Being a Customer-Centric Organisation

Under the new strategic plan, customers will see significant initiatives undertaken to provide an improved service to all clients and a focus on genuine partnerships to enhance our operations. The Service will actively seek to grow a trusted partnership with all its clients, customers and business partners. We will strive to ensure every taxpayer gets a concierge service and our customs and border agencies facilitate trade, travel and the security of our nation. Most importantly, FRCS will be consulting widely and genuinely listening to customer feedback on ways to improve our business.

3. Transformation

Thirdly, the Service will continue to drive the transformation of its business through digitization of all services, making doing business easier and encouraging a tax regime based upon self-assessment that can be undertaken remotely at a time that suits the customer.

Mr. Dixon said for each milestone, the plan includes specific timeframes.

“In addition to the above key themes, the other vital component of the plan includes revenue collection, border security and trade facilitation. Revenue collection will be enhanced by simplifying the tax and customs systems and making compliance simple and efficient,” he said.

“To promote a seamless trade facilitation process and maintain the security of Fiji’s borders, FRCS will improve partnerships for trade facilitation, restructure the border and customs revenue units and make border management more efficient and border monitoring more intelligent.”

Mr. Dixon said that the strategic plan has been prepared using both a “bottom-up and top down approach” and features the aspirations of the FRCS Board and staff, and customers.

“The plan is about being ‘brilliant at the basics’ so that FRCS becomes recognised as the benchmark public service entity in Fiji,” he stated.

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