FRCS Launches New Uniform and Staff Wellness Centre

Maintaining its branding colours, the new collection of uniforms features mid and navy blue. The collection includes shirts, jackets, Bula wear and several options for women.

Our stylish uniforms are designed with comfort and durability in mind with best-suited fabric for tropical climate like Fiji. The new uniforms provide a fresh look to FRCS officers reflecting the Organisation’s progressive nature.

FRCS Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mark Dixon said that it had been a while since our current uniform was issued and it was time to revisit and refresh our uniforms to ensure they continue to be a perfect fit for our people and FRCS’s brand and inclusive culture.

“A good presentation is an important feature of overall service delivery excellence, and our new uniform will create a highly visible presence in all aspects of our work,” he said.

FRCS officers in Suva are the first to don the new uniforms, after which officers in other Divisions will follow suit. From 1st August 2023, all FRCS officers will be seen in the new uniforms.

“Our officers are key to providing exceptional service experience not only to our visitors at the border but also to our customers visiting our offices. That is why we need to ensure that they are looked after well and the uniforms play a large portion in this,” he said.

FRCS has also taken a proactive approach to employee health and fitness with the setup of a Wellness Centre at its Headquarters in Nasese.

“The Wellness Centre will not only promote healthy living within the office but will also have many benefits such as enhancing productivity, reducing stress, having more motivated, happy and energetic employees and creating a better working environment,” Mr Dixon said.

Mr Dixon said FRCS will continue to invest in its people.

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