FRCS Launches Employee Recognition Programme

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) further underscored its position as an employer of choice with the implementation of its new Employee Recognition Programme. The Programme, which recognises and rewards FRCS employees, aligns with the Service’s philosophy that a motivated and engaged workforce translates into an exceptional customer experience.


According to the FRCS Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mark Dixon, FRCS endeavors to be an employer of choice. As such, the Service is dedicated to empowering and motivating our employees to reach their full potential through training, development, and skills recognition.

“The Employee Recognition Programme fully engages our employees with our customer-centric values, motivating our staff to achieve even higher levels of performance,” Mr. Dixon said.

“Recognition creates a positive culture in FRCS, where the executive leadership is actively rewarding employees doing a great job. Creating an environment of gratitude inside FRCS radiates to our customers and translates into an enhanced experience for all FRCS customers.

“Our staff plays a crucial role in enabling FRCS to create and achieve standards of operational excellence and we appreciate this.”

The new Employee Recognition Programme commenced in November last year.

FRCS is proud to announce the winners for the months of November and December 2022 and January 2023, Bhavna Varsha Sharma from the Revenue Division, Raneel Prasad from the Technology Division and Kelera Rokotakala from Border.

Mr. Dixon added that appreciating our staff frequently, even for their small achievements, gave them a reason to stay connected to FRCS thus assisting us in retaining our best talents and building a better work culture within FRCS.

FRCS MEDIA CONTACT: Email: publicrelations@frcs.org.fj Phone: (679) 3243035.

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