FRCS New Leadership Takes Shape as Revenue for the New Financial Year Gets Off to a Great Start

The 2022/2023 fiscal year started on a very positive note with the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) collecting a net revenue of $190.2m in August 2022. We have outperformed the forecast for the month by $12.9m or 7.3 percent and August 2021 collections by a considerable $105.8m or 125.3%.

FRCS CEO, Mr. Mark Dixon attributed the strong revenue performance to Fiji’s current conducive economic environment.

“A little over 12 months ago, Fiji was experiencing its third wave of COVID-19 infections that led to a massive drop in revenue collections. The comparatives against the tax performance for the same period last year looks very promising and perfectly shows how tax revenue has recovered much faster than earlier anticipated,” Mr. Dixon stated.

Consumption taxes such as Domestic VAT (+$43.6m), Import VAT (+$24.5m) and Fiscal Duty (+$10.6m) recorded an average increase of 132.3%. Furthermore, Company Tax (+$6.9m or 51%), Departure Tax (+$6.2m or 6890%), Withholding Tax (+$4.3m or 102%), Domestic Excise Duty (+$3.6m or 103%), PAYE Tax (+$3.3m or 34%) and Water Resource Tax (+$2.8m or 48%) all recorded collections higher than August 2021 collections.

Revenue collections are expected to remain strong in the future months.

Mr. Dixon also stated that the outstanding result is a testament to the hard work, innovative thinking and dedication of the FRCS Team.

“The results we’ve achieved in recent months demonstrate the strong momentum we have at FRCS. We are extremely proud of this result and grateful to everyone at FRCS for the role they played in achieving these results.

“I would also like to thank our taxpayers for filing their tax returns and paying their taxes. A large percentage of the tax revenue collected by the FRCS comes in voluntarily from taxpayers and we thank them for this,” Mr. Dixon said.

FRCS now has a new Executive Leadership Team (ELT) led by Mr. Dixon. The executive team comprises of the Chief of Staff Mr. Shavindra Nath, Chief Information Officer Ms. Emily Yalimaiwai, Director Intelligence, Compliance & Investigations Ms. Kelerayani Dawai, Director Border & Head of Customs Revenue Ms. Shelini Kumar, Director Taxation Ms. Momina Beg and Director People Capability and Culture Mr. Ben Chand.

“FRCS is progressing in its transformational change journey and businesses and taxpayers are already seeing the many positive benefits of the changes that we have made,” Mr. Dixon said.

He said the new leadership team will further drive the ongoing transformation at FRCS.

FRCS Executive Leadership Team– from the left are, Chief Information Officer Ms. Emily Yalimaiwai, Chief of Staff Mr. Shavindra Nath, Director Intelligence, Compliance & Investigations Ms Kelerayani Dawai, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mark Dixon (middle), Director Border & Head of Customs Revenue Ms. Shelini Kumar, Director People Capability & Culture Mr. Ben Chand and Director Taxation Ms. Momina Beg.


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