FRCS Focuses on Active Listening and Open Engagement with All Stakeholders Taxpayers

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) is actively listening and openly engaging with all stakeholders and taxpayers.
FRCS CEO Mr. Mark Dixon made this comment at the CFO’s Breakfast hosted by the Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation (FCEF) held at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva yesterday morning.
“Active listening and open engagement has been part of every consultation that we have been having with stakeholders and taxpayers in the past two months. If we are to form trusted partnerships – we need to understand your business and your tax or trade facilitation concerns” Mr. Dixon said.
“There is a huge opportunity for us to become genuinely service focused in our delivery in everything we do at FRCS, but it has to change from bottom up so that everybody working in FRCS Offices, at the coal face, understands the need to offer every tax payer a concierge type of service,” he said.
Mr. Dixon spoke on a number of issues at the Breakfast including revenue collection, FRCS staff, focus on serving stakeholders and partners and the systems and standards of the Service.
“The fundamentals of changing our culture are around our key values, we have to believe and live by these values everyday – respect, honesty, trust, loyalty, value every customer and we have to show empathy, kindness and courtesy because a lot of these small and big businesses that we’ve been dealing with in a “post COVID” world, have had a really difficult couple of years. So we have to be empathetic when we deal with them. We are not in competition with them, we want business to flourish, we want every business to grow. The more successful you are the better, we want to enable that success. We don’t want to create barriers to that success,” he said.
Mr. Dixon assured listeners that FRCS was taking a pro-active approach in the education and training of staff and stakeholders on the implementation of new online processes to make everyone better understand the new features.
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