FRCS Keen to deliver more VAT Refund to Taxpayers

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) recorded $91.9 million in VAT refunds at the end of January 2022.
FRCS CEO Mark Dixon attributed the positive performance to improved strategies and a strong commitment by FRCS to honor its obligation to taxpayers.
“It is important that refunds are released by FRCS on time, just as FRCS seeks tax payments to be made on time. Given the impacts of COVID-19 and the recent floods, the release of VAT refunds can greatly assist in business cash flows,” Mr. Dixon stated.
“FRCS is holding a significant number of VAT refunds, which we would like to return to taxpayers but cannot release until they file their outstanding tax returns,” he said.
“As a proactive approach, FRCS will be publishing a list of Taxpayer Identification Numbers [TIN] of those taxpayers who qualify for VAT refunds but are yet to file the returns. These refunds will be released to taxpayers as soon as they meet their filing requirements”.
“We encourage taxpayers to come forward and update their records with FRCS or to seek our help to access the Taxpayer Online Services [TPOS] and file their returns accordingly.”
Mr. Dixon further added that FRCS is focused on the sustainable reduction of outstanding VAT refunds; returning this money to taxpayers and is optimistic of much reduced figure in the coming months.
He encouraged taxpayers seeking clarification or needing further assistance to call us on 3243000 or 1326 or email us at info@frcs.org.fj.
For all media enquires
 Email: publicrelations@frcs.org.fj.
 Phone: (679) 3243035

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