Agreement Paves way to Strengthen Border Security and Address Transnational Crime

Fiji’s border management system has been further strengthened and secured with the signing of an Agreement between the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) and the Fiji Police Force for both agencies to share information through INTERPOL database and FRCS National Customs Enforcement Network (NCEN).

The Agreement allows FRCS direct access to the INTERPOL Information System where FRCS will be able to instantly access a wide-range of criminal information located in INTERPOL’s databases including information on firearms, lost travel documents and fingerprint identification.

The Agreement was signed with the Fiji Police Force on Friday 29th January 2021. The signing of the MOA coincided with the International Customs Day 2021 celebrations at FRCS Headquarter in Suva this afternoon.

The Agreement is integral to tackling transnational crime and is also a counter terrorism risk assessment tool for importation of contrabands.

Now FRCS frontline law enforcement officers at airports and seaports can have real- time access to INTERPOL’s range of criminal databases, which contains millions of records shared by countries.

Fighting transnational crime demands greater and increased cooperation from all parties concerned and with this there is greater demand now than ever before for networking and sharing of intelligence and information in real-time, which shall enable law enforcement partners to proactively keep our communities and borders safe, while simultaneously enhancing productivity, efficiency and compliance in facilitating legitimate travel and trade.


FRCS supports and promotes coordinated border management for border security and combating organised crime.

“The signing of the Agreement is a way forward in creating a safer Fiji for all. This Agreement is a framework that will continue to enhance our capacity, capability, and information sharing. This is a way forward in creating a safer Fiji as we protect our borders and look into the transnational crimes that are impacting not only our country but the region as well. We will ensure Fiji is one that organized crime groups will find difficult to operate in.” said the Acting Commissioner of Fiji Police Force Mr. Rusiate Tudravu.

For further information, please email publicrelations@frcs.org.fj

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