FPSA should stop making incorrect and misleading claims

The Fiji Public Service Association (FPSA)’s claim that the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) retained an employee who was identified for the proposed compulsory redundancy because the employee filed a grievance with the Employment Relations Tribunal (ERT), is incorrect and misleading.
When Mr. Jitendra Krishna filed a grievance with the ERT, the period of consultation and review process on the proposed redundancies was still ongoing as per our notice of redundancy. No decision had been made on the proposed redundancy, therefore the application made by the employee was premature.
Apart from Mr Jitendra Krishna, there were other employees that have been retained by FRCS upon completion of the consultation and review process. The retention of these employees has taken place due to FRCS’ consideration of all the circumstances, and not as a result of any input from FPSA, nor any legal proceedings.
The retention of Mr. Krishna has nothing to do with any act or submission by FPSA.

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