New Tax System Roll-Out Deferred

In a bid to ensure taxpayers are adequately familiar and comfortable with the New Tax Information System (NTIS), the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) has deferred the roll out the system that was schedule for next month – August 2019.

“We have reviewed the implementation process to ensure that there is sufficient awareness to our customers so that they are familiar once the system goes live,” Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Visvanath Das said.

“The awareness process began in April and we will continue to engage with our stakeholders to obtain wider range of feedback on the user-friendliness of the new tax system. The new system should be fit-for-purpose for ease of compliance from customer perspective and ease of revenue administration from FRCS perspective,” Mr. Das said.

The Revenue and Customs is simplifying and trying to create simplicity in the tax legislation and provide a reliable way where taxpayers are willing to comply.

The NTIS introduces an up-to-date online standard in Fiji where tax services will be made accessible and ensures a higher level of voluntary compliance.

“All tax types that we administer will be administered through this new system. The first phase will be the sign up process and registration followed by other processes through subsequence releases such as Value Added Tax (VAT), Service Turnover Tax (STT), Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT), Provisional Tax, Telecommunication Levy, ECAL, Refund PAYE, Collections Management, Tax Agents and Associated Taxpayer Request such as tax clearance, tax compliance, filing extension, payment extension, Time to Pay Arrangement (TTPA), Statement of Tax Account (STA) extraction,” Mr. Das said.

“The second phase will include Audit Investigations, De-registration, Stamp Duty, Tertiary Student Loan Scheme (TELS), Objections Review, Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and other taxpayer requests,” he added.  

“The new system will allow taxpayers to perform their tax obligations electronically through OnlineTaxpayer Portals,” Mr. Das said.

Taxpayer Online Services Signup forms are available on our website under the link:


Visit any FRCS office Fiji wide and obtain a onetime log-in code to the TPOS. Overseas taxpayers may email their completed form to info@frcs.org.fj but will be required to attach scanned proof of identity documents.



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