MOU for smooth facilitation of information sharing

In a bid to ensure the smooth facilitation of sharing of data, the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service, Tertiary Scholarships and Loans Board (TSLB) and Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts (MEHA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) today.

The MOU was signed between FRCS Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Visvanath Das, TSLB Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Bobby Maharaj and MEHA Permanent Secretary, Ms. Alison Burchell.

All parties through the legislated framework in this MOU will be able to share information and enhance partnership.

“The purpose of the MOU is to set out relevant Information and controls in place to ensure that any information shared are used and handled responsibly within the parameters of the legal limitations,” Mr. Das said.

“Most importantly, this MOU will enable all parties to maximize the recovery of student loan and eliminate any fraudulent behavior relating to the recovery processes,” he said.

“This MOU will enable us to work closely and enhance our partnership in carrying out statutory responsibilities towards revenue collection,” he said.

“This will also enhance our service to TELS students who are now able to access their account balance through their portals. This MOU will enable up-to-date student information and high accurate and real time account balances,” he added.

Mr. Das acknowledged the partnership of TSLB and MEHA.

“We are grateful to TSLB and MEHA for agreeing to share information which will assist all of us,” Mr. Das said.

“FRCS looks forward to a great partnership and cooperation for the betterment of the people of Fiji,” he added.

Mr. Maharaj welcomed the signing of the MOU.

“The MOU facilitates the sharing of information/data of common interest between the agencies in a responsible manner without impinging on the legal framework governing each institution or the constitutional rights of any Fijian. The MOU expands and nurtures synergistic partnership between the three institutions and will strengthen the administration, enforcement and monitoring of the legal mandate that TSLB has. The MOU will greatly assist TSLB in assessing and making an informed decision on the applications received, particularly where some means test is applied to the eligibility criteria and also mitigation of the risks associated with possible fraudulent activities,” he said.

Ms. Burchell expressed similar sentiments.

“Sharing data is important in the context of increasing cooperation between various organisations. In this instance, we will benefit from being able to ensure that those families who meet the threshold will be eligible for subsidized transport to and from school.  This will meet the Government’s stated objective of ensuring no student is left behind and that barriers to education are removed,” she said.


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