Methamphetamine Seizure at the Suva Post Office

Officers from the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) and the Criminal Investigations Department arrested a woman this morning for allegedly importing 115grams of hard drugs- Methamphetamine through Parcel Post.

The drugs which were concealed inside a bottle of peanut butter arrived from the United States of America to Nadi on Wednesday and was addressed to a local person. Customs Officers at the Parcel Post scanned the consignment and discovered the white powder which was later tested positive for Methamphetamine.

“The parcel was then sent to the Suva Post office through control delivery and Officers arrested the lady when she came to pick the parcel today. The estimated cost of Methamphetamine is $115,000 with social cost associated to be around $210,000”, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Visvanath Das said.

“I commend our officers for carrying out their duties diligently in ensuring our borders are protected from the infiltration of illicit drugs. FRCS officers have been reminded to stay vigilant at all times and to foil attempts by smugglers who may take advantage of the busy passenger and cargo flows at the control points”.

“We are also maintaining close contacts with local and overseas enforcement agencies to strengthen intelligence exchange to combat the smuggling activities”, Mr. Das stressed.

Police Commissioner Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho is pleased that the partnership with other law enforcement agencies continue to produce positive results.

“Whether it’s a few grams or kilos, every seizure counts. If we are able to prevent one more innocent life from the harmful effects of the illicit drug trade, that in itself is a major victory for law enforcement”.

“Methamphetamine is being glamourized from what people watch on television and in the movies. The truth however, is that it is a danger to everyone in society, and a recent example was shared by a mother who said she knows and is in contact with a 16year old boy who has dropped out of school, assaulted his mother and sister, and stabbed his brother because of his addiction which is why we cannot allow Fiji to fall into drugs, because the dangers associated with meth is real and it has devastating consequences on everyone that comes into contact with it”.

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