FRCS Engages Stakeholders for NTIS Rollout

Effective 1st August 2019, the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) will be migrating to a New Tax Information System (NTIS) which is a self-service tax system that operates on an online platform.

It is designed to assist the tax office to provide a wider range of tax services and more importantly it allows taxpayers to experience and access the wide range of tax services in a more convenient way.

However, before the new tax system is rolled out, FRCS is meeting with business people and taxpayers to get their views and expectations on the new system. A session was organized in Suva last week with Tax Agents, Fiji Institute of Accountants and other associations. A similar session was organized for the FRCS Gold Card taxpayers this evening, where discussions were centered around the benefits of this new tax system.

“The Revenue and Customs is simplifying and trying to create simplicity in the tax legislation and provide a reliable way where taxpayers are willing to comply. This New Tax Information System (NTIS) introduces an up-to-date online standard in Fiji where tax services will be made accessible and ensures a higher level of compliance”, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Visvanath Das said.

“The new tax system is also designed to assist taxpayers in a more personal way that allows them to access tax services like requests for TIN and Joint Card registration, Tax Compliance Certificates, Tax Clearances, Tax Exemptions, Statement of Tax Accounts, Objections etc. online without having to visit any FRCS office.”

“To access a single tax service, the NTIS does not necessarily require the user to have a computer. In other words, users can access their tax services through android electronic gadgets such as phones, ipads, tablets etc. as long as there is accessible internet coverage”, Mr. Das stressed.

Any NTIS user can rest assured that data or information used in the new tax system is strictly confidential and will be used for tax or official purposes only. In other words, data security is very high as users will be required to go through certain levels of validation process to access any tax information.

In the New Tax Information System, users are able to access their own tax information without having to visit any of our FRCS offices.
Similar sessions will be organized around the country in coming days.

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