Customs undergo Valuation Training

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) Customs Officers are undergoing a Practical Valuation workshop conducted by New Zealand Customs Service at the Regional Training Centre in Nasese.

This workshop is a refresher for Customs Officers on Valuation issues.

“This workshop for Customs Officers will refresh and reinforce their knowledge on Customs Valuation,” FRCS Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Visvanath Das said.

“It will provide participants with the up-to-date technical information on the topic of Customs valuation and to share and discuss good practices for effective valuation controls,” Mr. Das said. 

Mr. Das stressed lack of understanding of Customs Valuation and its supporting procedures aggravates integrity issues.

 “We have carried out audits and investigations of transactions whereby honest disclosures have not been made for Customs purpose,” he said.

“Manipulation of invoices has been a common occurrence which will be addressed in this workshop,” he added.

Mr. Das highlighted the need for Customs to work closely with Customs Brokers to identify Customs Valuation issues.

He also acknowledged the efforts of New Zealand Customs Service for their expertise and urged participants to actively engage in continuous dialogue in the next few days with the experts and share experiences and best practices.

New Zealand Customs Service facilitator Mr. Colin Brown said discussions will be based on verification of values and techniques to deal with royalties, licence payments and other valuation adjustments.

Facilitators will conduct similar workshop with Customs Brokers on Thursday 26th September followed by Customs Officers and Brokers in the Western Division next month.

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