Customer Compliance Award

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) launched its Customer Compliance Award (CCA) program today to reward customers who will scan the QR code on fiscal receipts using the FRCS Receipt verificator application.

Customers can now win instant Vodafone top-up when they scan the QR code using the FRCS receipt verificator.

“With the prize pool of 1000 Vodafone vouchers (worth $10 each), in the next 30 days 1000 lucky customers who scan and click on “Win Award” button will be eligible for the top up. The more you scan the QR code, the more chances for you to win’’, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Visvanath Das said.

Mr. Das stressed that VAT is a trust fund that must be remitted to the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service. Only 59.2% of VAT registrants file their returns on time. Scan the QR code on your receipt to verify if the VAT portion of your purchase has been recorded with the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service.

Under the Tax Administration (Electronic Fiscal Device) Regulations 2017, all accredited vendors should issue a fiscal invoice/receipt to a customer.

“Customers shopping at those outlets which have been fiscalised, should receive the new fiscalised receipts which has a QR code allowing the receipt to be scanned and verified. We urge customers to scan and verify their receipts using the FRCS Receipt verificator app.

The FRCS Receipt verificator can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store and is free of charge.


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