We are committed to increase engagement with taxpayers – Das ‘

‘We are committed to increase engagement with taxpayers to ensure voluntary compliance.”

These were the words of the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Visvanath Das during the CEO’s Forum yesterday evening at Revenue & Customs Complex Nasese.

Mr. Das while speaking at the forum highlighted Revenue and Customs commitment in working closely with taxpayers to increase revenue and help Fiji grow.

Mr Das said this is one of the reasons for the tax office efforts to simplify the tax system through reforms.

“Our role is not just simply enforcement; we would like to see the bigger picture that is to help Fiji grow. We are here to provide clarity and increase engagement,” Mr. Das said.

“We have engaged in digital transformation. Two major digitalisation projects are Fiji’s ratification to the trade facilitation agreement therefore the need to look at single window approach and the $48 million New Tax Information System (NTIS),” he said.

“In this effort, we should appreciate the data cleansing effort undertaken. We need your cooperation. This in turn will assist you in getting better quality information from the tax office,” he added

Mr Das said the laws, reforms and new projects by the tax office is to create a deterrent effect.

“Through our Compliance Improvement Strategy 2017/2018, we have only 47 percent compliance out of the 51,000 active business taxpayers,” Mr. Das revealed.

“We can do much better if we take greater responsibility in terms of voluntary compliance. We want to work with you and want you to voluntary comply which saves the hassle of imposing penalties unnecessarily,” he said.

Mr. Das further emphasized this when questioned by Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association (FHTA) CEO Fantasha Lockington – What is a priority area for FRCS? The Compliance Improvement Strategy is a key focus area for the organisation as it highlights high risk industries and how we will engage with them to improve compliance.

The CEO forum is one of the many avenues that Revenue and Customs is using to engage with taxpayers.


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