VMS Compliant Businesses Need to Issue Fiscal Receipts

The Revenue and Customs Service is encouraging members of the public to request for fiscalised receipts for goods and services from those group of businesses who are regulated to issue such receipts.

These businesses include Hardware Companies, Accounting Firms, Medical Practitioners, Travel Agencies, Law Firms, Supermarkets and Pharmacies.
Under the Tax Administration (Electronic Fiscal Device) Regulations 2017, all accredited vendors should issue a fiscal invoice/receipt to a customer. The Revenue and Customs Service will soon be issuing notices to businesses to display near their POS systems, stating that they are regulated and should be issuing fiscal receipts.

“Customers shopping at supermarkets and pharmacies which have been fiscalised, should receive the new fiscalised receipts which has a QR code allowing the receipt to be scanned and verified. We urge customers to scan and verify their receipts using the FRCS Receipt Verificator app. You can download the app on your smartphone. It is free of charge and available on Google Play or Apple Store,” the CEO said.

“Those businesses that do not currently fall within either group are also welcome to come on board earlier, if they have appropriate systems in place and wish to do so. It will be a requirement in the near future that all business will need to be complaint.”

A free Point of Sale (POS) application is also made available by Revenue and Customs and is compatible with smart phones and tablets (Android and IOS phones) and can be used by small businesses. However, this is only ideal for small businesses.

The VAT Monitoring System (VMS) was launched in 2017 and to date the Revenue and Customs has accredited 16 POS systems and external sale devices.

The full details of these suppliers can be downloaded from our website https://www.frcs.org.fj/our-services/vat-monitoring-system-vms/accredited-pos-esdc/.

Businesses who need assistance with becoming compliant can refer to the Step by Step Instruction Guide which is also available on our website www.frcs.org.fj.

We also encourage consumers to call our hotline on 1326 to report cases where they do not receive fiscalized receipts and provide the names of businesses as well as a copy of the receipts or invoices received. Taxpayers can also email their complaints and receipts on EFDcompliance@frcs.org.fj


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