Undeclared R22 gas cylinders detained by Customs at Suva Wharf

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (Revenue and Customs) Customs Border Maritime Compliance Team intercepted 50 R22 Gas Cylinders which is an Ozone depleting substance from a fishing vessel at the Suva Wharf yesterday.

After receiving advance notification, the Compliance team noted the vessel was in the Australian EEZ but avoided Australian Border Officials and entered Fiji waters.

“This was suspicious and thus the vessel was flagged by our Customs Border Maritime Compliance Team comprising of Customs Officials searched the vessel and was successful in detaining Ozone depleting gas cylinders,” Revenue and Customs Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Visvanath Das confirmed.

“The vessel falsely declared the amount of R22 Gas Cylinders on board and it was concealed in a manner with a clear intention of smuggling the Cylinders,” Mr. Das said.

“I commend the efforts of Customs Border Maritime Compliance Team in detecting the smuggling of the ozone depleting gas,” he said.

Mr. Das assured Revenue and Customs commitment in supporting the well-being of the environment and working in partnership with relevant stakeholders in combating illegal imports of ozone depleting substances.

The cylinders have been handed over to the Department of Environment.



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