Revenue and Customs, first to receive Anti-Corruption Policy

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Service is the first organization in the Fiji and the South Pacific to receive an Anti-Corruption Policy from the Fiji Independent Commission against Corruption (FICAC). The policy which was received on Friday also sets the platform on how the Revenue and Customs is pro-active towards its operations.

While receiving the Anti-Corruption Policy, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Visvanath Das said that this event re-confirms the step Revenue and Customs is taking towards its world class journey.

“The role we play in the Fijian economy is critical. We raise about 90 to 95 percent of total government revenue that funds government expenditure and therefore it is critical that tax and customs officials are of highest caliber and standards.”

“We are working towards being a world class organization. We need to have certain values to take us to that level. World class means having highest level of values and integrity”, Mr. Das said.

“Our sincere gratitude and appreciation to (FICAC for training our officers and providing them with basic information and tools to fight corruption in the organization”.

FICAC Principal Corruption Prevention Officer Ms. Arti Naidu congratulated FRCS on this milestone achievement which makes them the first not just in Fiji, but in the South Pacific region.

“Today you have sent out a very strong message not only to your partners but also to your stakeholders what it is you stand for and how you see ethical leadership,” she affirmed.

“It actually shows that you’re proactive about what is happening here, how your operations are done and that you’d like to put in measures before things go wrong.”

She encouraged the FRCS staff and management to take the Anti-Corruption Policy and not just live it by example but to be the example and set the benchmark really high for other organizations.


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