Revenue and Customs committed to modernize Customs Administration

A team of six (6) officials from the Korea Customs Service are in the country to enhance collaboration efforts and hold discussions modernizing the Fiji Customs administration.

Revenue and Customs Service Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Visvanath Das said Revenue and Customs is committed to strengthening administration of Customs laws and procedures and processes.

“We are committed to reforming and modernizing our Customs projects and regulatory framework to ensure a well-functioning and efficient Customs administration,” Mr. Das said. 

“Our aim is to ensure that Customs procedures are in line with international standards and recommended practice under the World Trade Organization Trade Facilitation Agreement that has been ratified by Fiji” he said.

“We are grateful to have Korea Customs experts in the country to assist us under the principles of World Customs Organization Mutual Administrative Assistance. As a developed country, Korea Customs Service has one of the best practices in the globe in terms of their Customs Administration and we are fortunate to be learning from the best to improve our Customs processes and procedures,” Mr. Das said.

“The partnership with Korean Customs Service will allow for close dialogue in order to implement recommendations from these experts,” he added.

Korean Customs Service Project Manager, Mr. Sun Man Kim said the team will conduct site visits and meet with the Fiji Customs administration stakeholders and enforcement teams while they are here.

“We will be looking at the legal framework, process and Information Technology (IT) system and infrastructure. At the same time, we will conduct our site visit to Suva seaport and Nadi airport and with the private sector including an airline company, sea freight forwarders and the trading community,” Mr. Kim said.

The team will be here for three weeks.


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