VMS – Four Vendors on board and more in the process

Four vendors for Electronic Fiscal Device (EFD)/VAT Monitoring System (VMS) have been confirmed to supply the Fiji market after an accreditation process by the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS).

The vendors are:

  1. I Computer Solutions
  2. Link Technologies
  4. Pacific IT Solutions

Their full contact and accreditation details are available on the FRCS website.

“As the deadline nears for supermarkets and pharmacies to install EFD/VMS device, we have officially identified four vendors this week that supply VMS compliant services,” FRCS Chief Executive officer, Mr. Visvanath Das revealed.   

“We have negotiated with these vendors to ensure that there is minimum cost for compliance. More vendors will come on board once they complete the accreditation process which is currently being undertaken by FRCS,” he said.

Mr. Das stressed there is no extension to the deadline for implementation, however, FRCS will waive or defer penalty enforcement for those who have made an effort to comply by registering for VMS and collecting their smartcards with passwords. The accredited POS Suppliers have given their implementation plans as a majority of their clients have more than one outlet and many cash registers which need to become compliant and therefore FRCS will give due consideration for that.

“We are reasonable and understand the reality that it will take some time, but we want definite roll-out plans – 2 days, 7 days or 2 weeks – the Supermarkets and Pharmacies need to work closely with their POS/ESDC Vendor for this. We will only defer the enforcement of penalties subject to the registration and submission of implementation plans from the vendors” he said.  

Mr. Das reiterated the deadline for supermarkets and pharmacies to comply is 28th February, 2018. Medical centres, travel agencies, accounting firms, law firms and hardware companies (wholesale and retail) are required to install, implement and operate EFD/VMS on or before June 30, 2018.

“It is also mandatory for supermarkets and pharmacies to log onto the myInfo portal https://eservices.frca.org.fj/myInfor/Home/Index on the FRCS website and update their details by March 1st, 2018. Other taxpayers are also urged to update their details,” he said.

 FRCS in collaboration with VMS vendors, POS providers and consultants will continue to work closely with supermarkets and pharmacies through the accreditation process to ensure all are compliant by end of this month.  

For further information or queries on VMS, you can email EFDCompliance@frcs.org.fj or log on to https://www.frcs.org.fj/our-services/vat-monitoring-system-vms/



For queries please contact the Stakeholder Engagement /Public Relations Department on 3243031/ 3243259.

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