FRCS partners with Navetau Village for Coast Watch Program 

Navetau Village, a coastal village in the Cakaudrove Province will be the eyes and ears of the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) through the Coast Watch program. 

Launched in Navetau village (Wednesday 24/01/2018), the program is a new partnership initiative by Fiji Revenue & Customs in conjunction with maritime communities to increase awareness and reach on boarder security in maritime coastal communities. 

“Surveillance in coastal communities and seas are an ongoing challenge for Customs, however, with the new Coast Watch program, we aim to partner with coastal villages like Navetau who will assist us to monitor and report illegal or suspicious activities along sea and shorelines,” FRCS Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Visvanath Das said. 

“We are grateful to Navetau village for coming forward and partnering with FRCS for this program. Due to its geographical location, the village is not easily accessible by border authorities but through this Coastal Watch Initiative, the village can now provide information directly to our Border Officers regarding any suspicious activities / threat to the village / border,” Mr. Das said. 

The coast watch program was launched today as part of the activities organised by FRCS to commemorate International Customs Day which is celebrated internationally on 26th January, 2018. 

“The coast watch program will contribute towards the 2018 International Customs Day theme ‘A secure business environment for economic development’,” Mr. Das said. 

“We have been striving to facilitate and secure international trade to enhance economic prosperity. This year’s theme will allow us to strengthen communication and develop the processes to create a fair, secure and sustainable environment,” he said. 

“This year, the people of Navetau, through the coast watch program will contribute towards Fiji’s economic development. Our border is our business. I challenge every 

individual to join us in being responsible for our borders as we work to ensure that we have a safe and secure business environment to help the nation grow,” he said. 

“I take this opportunity to thank the village Turaga Ni Koro and the Navetau community for their support,” he added. 

District Officer, Ms. Alumita Raceva thanked FRCS for giving Navetau village, the first village out of the 14 villages in the Saqani District the opportunity to work with Customs and help Border control agencies to protect our borders. 


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