Vehicle Imports

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Service wishes to inform all Importers, Authorised Motor Vehicle Dealers and the general public that importation of used and second hand vehicles are subject to import licence pursuant to Customs Regulations administered by Revenue & Customs.

The importation of all used/second hand – unleaded or diesel – vehicle should be of EURO 4 standard and not more than 5 years old from the year of manufacture.

All used/second hand – Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Solar powered, Electric and all hybrid – vehicles should be of EURO 4 standard and not more than 8 years old from the year of manufacture.

The importation of vehicles which are non-compliant to the above conditions are absolutely prohibited into Fiji. The import will be seized by Revenue & Customs at the border for destruction or re-export at importers costs.

“The traders, dealers and entities are also informed that all statutory written-off vehicles are now prohibited import as per Schedule 1 of the Customs Prohibited Import and Export Regulation”, Revenue & Customs Chief Executive Officer Mr. Visvanath Das said.

“Importation of All High Bin Dumper Trucks (HBDT) and Articulated Dump Trucks is also restricted under Schedule 3 of the Customs Prohibited Import and Export Regulation. Exemptions will only be granted to the entities who hold mining licence and are involved in the mining business under Mining Act of Fiji. All applications must be directly made to Fiji Revenue & Customs Service for licencing assessment and final approval.”

“All importers – traders, dealers and general public – are to ensure that import licence MUST BE obtained prior to loading of vehicle on the vessel to avoid any unnecessary delays and additional costs at clearance in Fiji. Any breach or non-compliance to the Regulation will be subject to detention of the vehicles under the Customs Act and the necessary penalties”, Mr. Das added.

“Our aim is to simplify and facilitate trade for ease of doing business through proactive awareness of rules and regulations for our stakeholders to voluntary compliance without increasing costs for them. We are responsible for the security and protection of Fijian borders and communities from any illicit trade flows.”

For queries please contact the Public Relations Department on 3243031/3243505.

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