Undeclared Currency

A Vanuatu national carrying undeclared Australian Currency amounting to approximately FJ$23,000 was intercepted at the Nausori Airport by Customs Officers yesterday.

The currency was located in the passenger’s luggage. During routine clearance checks and further questioning, the passenger revealed the envelope was being carried on behalf of a non-travelling 3rd party.

Passengers are advised not to carry anything for others given the security and terrorism risk.

“Despite numerous advisories, travelers continue to breach the Border Currency laws and attempt to move large sum of currency across Fiji borders without declaring it,” Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority (FRCS) Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Visvanath Das said.

Passengers are required to declare currency in excess of F$10,000 or equivalent in foreign currency under the Financial Transaction Reporting (FTR) Act.

“Travelers are once again reminded to declare the correct amount of currency they are carrying to avoid fines, seizure and prosecution”, Mr. Das said.

“Our officers at the borders will go to great lengths to ensure travelers adhere to Fiji Border laws,” he said.

Commissioner of Police Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho said travelers need to be aware that investigations will only focus on the carrier which is why they must be mindful of their actions.

“For most of these cases there is always the excuse that the money was for someone else and they were merely taking it as a favour, however this will not be tolerated as the laws are clear about the declaration of currency under the FTR Act”.

“If you want to avoid being caught in a similar situation then we would encourage travelers to do the right thing and make the declaration as border security stakeholders have made numerous awareness campaigns and ignorance of the law cannot be used as an excuse”.

Police investigations continue.


For queries please contact the FRCS Public Relations Officer Edwina Chand on 9320838 or Fiji Police Media Liaison Officer Ana Naisoro on 9905999.

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