Traders Investigated

Twenty (20) traders are under investigation by the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service for non-compliance with Tax and Customs laws of the country. From these twenty cases, five have been charged and are due to appear in court.

“As part of our door to door visits, a total of five hundred and thirty-five (535) traders have been visited so far by our officers in the Central Division to check on their compliance level. Out of these 535 traders, almost 40 percent have been found to be non- compliant. A similar exercise is underway in the Western and Northern Division”, said Revenue and Customs CEO Mr. Visvanath Das.

These non-compliant offences to name a few range from issuing incorrect tax invoices, not issuing tax invoices at all, VAT registered companies not showing the VAT component on the tax invoice and particulars on the invoices are incorrect.

‘We encourage all businesses and individuals who are unsure of tax regulations and changes, payment deadlines and processes to visit our office and talk with us. I reassure the people of Fiji that Revenue and Customs is here to work with you. We understand subject of tax can be scary for many people, but we want to change that mindset and help members of the public, understand the rules they must follow within the given timeline, so that together we can all help grow Fiji.

“Whilst Revenue & Customs is encouraging self-assessment and voluntary compliance, we are disappointed with the extent that some businesses and individuals will go to abuse the system.”

“Our officers are on the ground carrying out routine inspection and are willing to assist businesses and taxpayers who require assistance in filing their returns”.

“Unfortunately, despite the many public awareness campaigns, amnesty programs, support services and media coverage on voluntary compliance, some taxpayers are still running away from their tax obligations. Those found engaging in such behavior will face the full brunt of the law and the cases will be made public to send a strong signal to

those who are dodging the tax system and think that they will not be caught”, Mr. Das stressed.

For queries please contact the Stakeholder Engagement /Public Relations Department on

3243031/ 3243259.

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