Notice of Extension and Phase 2 Group


Following the Government Gazette last week, all Hardware Companies, Accounting Firms, Medical Centers, Travel Agencies and Law Firms are now required by law to install and operate an Electronic Fiscal Device (EFD) by 30th June 2018.

The above Companies, Agencies and Firms are part of phase 2 of the implementation of the VAT Monitoring System (VMS)/Electronic Fiscal Device (EFD) system.

“We are also pleased to announce that the deadline for those that fall under the first phase of project has been extended from 31st December 2017 to 28th February 2018. This means that companies will have additional two months to implement the EFD system”, FRCS Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Visvanath Das said.

“So far three supermarkets who are part of the first phase are undergoing “live tests” in the Central Division. Plans are also in pipeline to pilot these in Northern and Western Division. We believe that this system will reduce revenue leakages and will encourage voluntary compliance at the same time. VAT is a trust fund and should be remitted to FRCS on time”, Mr. Das stressed.

Mr. Das further added that “taxpayers can now verify their EFD receipts by downloading the free “FRCS Receipt Verificator” app which is currently only available for Android mobile phones on play store. We will announce when the app will be available for Apple / IOS users”.

EFD is an electronic fiscal device system comprising of a Point of Sale system (POS) and Sales Data Controller (SDC) that is connected and produces fiscal invoices. It includes a secure element that transmits the fiscal data to the Fiji Revenue & Customs Service (FRCS) system.

Taxpayers can click on the following link https://www.frcs.org.fj/vat-monitoring-system- vms/ to access detailed information on VMS project from our website.

For queries please contact the Stakeholder Engagement /Public Relations Department on 3243031/ 3243259.

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