FRCS signs agreement with NZ Customs

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority (FRCS) signed an agreement with the New Zealand Customs Services on Tuesday to successfully deliver the Fiji Country Plan and at the same time strengthen its border management.

Under the Fiji Country Plan, the New Zealand Customs Services (NZCS) will assist the Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority with the FRCS Transformation project in order to improve border management in Fiji.

“Improved border management will contribute to economic growth-including the facilitation of legitimate trade and travel and improved border security. This will not only benefit Fiji, but neighbouring Pacific countries including New Zealand,” FRCS Chief Executive Officer Mr. Visvanath Das said.

“As part of the agreement, the NZ Customs will provide technical expertise and support to the Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority to improve border management through the delivery of the Fiji Country Plan (2017-2021). FRCS in turn will provide personnel and
infrastructure to deliver the Plan.’’

“Under this Country Plan, NZCS will enhance the FRCS’s transformation process through providing expertise, exposure to operating environments where international standards are being implemented, and ongoing constructive critique and guidance. This Plan builds on earlier assistance to FRCS that included the Pacific Leadership aerogramme (PLP) and detector dog assistance’’, Mr. Das stressed.

“The mutual intentions of the country plan covers customs in the area of information sharing, capacity building, and resource provision and information exchange. The total value of the project is approximately NZD $1.6m over the next 5 years. Globally, there are potential threats of transnational crime, including people and drug smuggling, money laundering and these risks impact not only Fiji but countries for whom Fiji is a transhipment point. The technical assistance by the New Zealand Customs Services will assist us to enhance capacity and competency to clamp down on those risks that pose a threat to our border security’’, Mr. Das said.

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