FRCS Outreach Programs

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority (FRCS) is now actively engaging and visiting business houses to educate them on their tax obligation and at the same time assisting them to file their tax returns correctly and on time.

The Taxpayer Education team has so far visited Banks, Hardware companies, Educational Institutions, Employers Federation, TLTB and others to provide technical assistance and advise them on Tax and Customs laws.

“As the agency responsible for tax administration in Fiji, our aim is to increase public awareness on taxation. This initiative is an excellent way to start engaging with taxpayers as well as to ignite an interest in areas of voluntary compliance,” FRCS CEO Mr. Visvanath Das said.

“By explaining how tax is used and making the link to the provision of vital public services, people can have a greater appreciation for the importance of paying taxes.”

“Our aim as an institution is to enhance voluntary tax compliance in Fiji. The Tax Education Outreach Programme targets all spheres. It is in our interest to ensure that current and future taxpayers are educated about their rights and responsibilities and how to be tax compliant. We will be actively engaging with and providing information to individuals, businesses and sectoral agencies as we focus our efforts on encouraging and supporting voluntary compliance,” Mr. Das added.

“Business owners and entrepreneurs are the drivers of Fiji’s economy. They employ workers, invest in innovation, and ensure the quality of life that we enjoy. The more their profits, the more taxes they pay. We have received positive feedback from businesses that have been visited so far”.

The team will continue their visitation to business and corporate houses in coming weeks.

For queries please contact the Public Relations Department on 3243031/3243505.

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