Duty concession on cement

The Fijian Government is providing duty concession to individuals and companies who would like to import Cement from overseas.

The duty concession is provided following the recent shortage of Cement in the Fijian market.

“We understand that the demand for Cement in Fiji is huge at the moment and the Fijian Government is working hard to meet the urgent needs of our people,” FRCS Chief Executive Officer Mr. Das said.

“Cement imports currently attract a Duty of 32% Fiscal 10% Import Excise and 9% VAT. Following the shortage, the import of cement will now be zero-rated, however, 9% VAT will still be applicable” he continued.

Cement manufactured and originating from any MSG countries will also qualify for duty concessions under the MSG Agreement attracting the same rate of duty, zero fiscal duty and free Import excise duty but subject to 9% VAT.

“These concessions will remain available to all companies and individuals for 3 months. However, in order to qualify for concession, orders must be placed and consignments

must leave the country of origin before the expiry of the three months that is 9th September 2017.”

“We appeal to the businesses to pass on the duty concession to the Consumers. Any breach of the concession provided will result in hefty fines and penalties. FRCS will be closely monitoring the concessions provided and will also ensure that the same is passed on to Consumers,” concluded Mr. Das.

For queries please contact the Public Relations Department on 3243031/3243505.

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