Currency Smuggling

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority is concerned that despite numerous advisories, seizure of currency, arrest and prosecution, travelers continue to breach the Border Currency reporting laws and attempt to move large amounts of currency across Fiji’s border without declaring it.

Last week eleven (11) Asian nationals disembarking from various flights were arrested at Nadi International Airport for attempting to import more than FJD $134,600 in total, into the country without declaring it.

The currency was located after Customs Officers became suspicious about the passengers and selected them for further attention. Inspection of them or their luggage revealed the undeclared cash.

All currency in excess of FJD$10,000 is required to be declared to Customs on arrival or departure from Fiji under the FTR (Financial Transaction Reporting) Act.

“Over the past few months we have noted a drastic increase in currency smuggling cases and it is really a concern for us. All those travelling in and out of the country are once again reminded to declare the correct amount of currency they are carrying to avoid fines, seizure and prosecution”, FRCS Chief Executive Officer Mr. Visvanath Das said. “The need to report currency is a common requirement internationally and there is no excuse for non-compliance”.

“Our officers at the border are carrying out their duties diligently to ensure that Fiji is protected from those trying to carry out illicit activity.

These seizures should be a deterrent to those engaged in such activity” Mr. Das said.

All those arrested were later charged and produced in court by Police.

“The successful collaboration between FRCS and the Fiji Police is indicative of our commitment to protecting our borders”.

“The appropriate awareness and advisories have been issued which is why ignorance of the law is not an acceptable excuse and members of the public must be mindful of their actions to avoid being caught on the wrong side of the law”.

For queries please contact the FRCS Public Relations Officer Salvin Deo on 9296356 or Fiji Police Media Liaison Officer Ana Naisoro on 9905999.

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