Company Charged

Company Charged with 6 counts of Failing to File Tax Returns to FRCS

A company has been charged for failing to file Tax Returns to the Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority.

The company, who is involved in the sale of motor vehicle parts and accessories, has pleaded guilty to all six counts of failing to file tax Returns contrary to section 49(1) of the Tax Administration Act.

“The court has imposed a fine of $9000 being $1500 for each count. The company was also ordered to pay prosecution costs of $5,000 as well as to file all outstanding returns within 3 months.”

“The maximum penalty for failing to file tax Returns under the law is $15,000 fine or 12 months’ imprisonment or both.”

The Authority reiterates the serious consequences of tax avoidance by failing to lodge tax returns.

Despite the many public awareness, amnesty programs, support services and media coverage on voluntary compliance, some taxpayers are still running away from their tax obligations.

“This case should send out a strong signal to the public, in particular for those who are dodging the tax system thinking that they will not be caught.”

“The Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority receives an increasing number of tip offs and whistleblower complaints from concerned citizens and we also encourage the general public to come forward in providing relevant information of tax offenders that will assist the Authority in its audits and investigations.”

The Authority again reminds the public on the importance of lodging all tax returns on time. For queries, please contact the Public Relations Team on 3243505 or 3243031.

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