$250,000 for a Whistleblower


The Fiji Revenue and Customs Service Board has approved a payment of $250,000 to a whistle blower whose information led to the successful recovery of some $8 million dollars in taxes and penalties from a company in the Western Division.

This is the highest reward so far for any whistle blower and reflects the Authorities commitment to clamp down hard on Tax Evasion.

The case involved a company engaged in the motor vehicle industry manipulating its sales record and under declaring for VAT and Income taxation. Following the information provided by the whistle blower, FRCS carried out detailed investigation with the sales reported in the company’s tax returns and bank account where major discrepancies were noted.

“The audit also revealed that the Director of this company has other businesses and investment properties which were all under reported. Through FRCS’s integrated audit approach, the taxpayers overall tax obligation came under the spotlight,” FRCS Chief Executive Officer Mr Visvanath Das said.

“Whilst we have imposed severe penalties and fines for tax offenders, people need to understand the importance of Voluntary Tax Compliance and our civic duty of paying taxes. FRCS is committed to implement processes for ease of doing business in Fiji, however, this comes with much trust and honesty on the part of businesses to be voluntarily compliant”, Mr. Das said.

“FRCS is here to administer the tax and customs laws and it is our duty to ensure fairness and consistency in application of the law thus creating a level playing field for all taxpayers. Non-compliant taxpayers will face the full brunt of the law.”

“The 2017/2018 National Budget has seen amendments to the penalty regime. All the penalties in relation to Tax Evasion has increased together with the imprisonment term which is now 10 years. FRCS is determined to prosecute all those taxpayers who are evading taxes.”

If you have evidence of a business or taxpayer committing Tax or Customs fraud, or any unprofessional conduct by FRCS officers, you are encouraged to report through our 24/7 – FRCS Whistle blower line – 3243222 or email directly to ceo@frcs.org.fj and potentially receive a monetary reward as a whistle blower.

“We treat all information as absolutely confidential. FRCS officers are required to act with integrity at all times in providing tax and customs services to our customers, we expect our taxpayers to fulfill their tax and customs obligations likewise.”

For queries please contact the Public Relations Department on 3243031/3243259.

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