Returns Lodgement

  1. I plan to migrate overseas and will continue to derive interest income from my term deposits with a local bank. Where do I declare this income?
    From 1st January 2013, Resident Interest Withholding tax has also become final tax. This means that the gross amount of any interest income paid or credited to resident individuals by a financial institution in Fiji will be taxed at a fixed rate of 20%. The tax applies on any interest above $200.00 Section 17(72)of the Income Tax Act. Where Resident Interest Withholding Tax is their only source of income, bank account holders do not have to lodge income tax return in 2014 and subsequent years as banks should have deducted the correct amount of tax from interest income. However if the RIWT has been overdeducted, the taxpayer may lodge a NRIWT/RIWT Refund Form.
  2. What is the due date for lodgement of income tax returns?
    Effective from 1st January 2013, majority of employees will not be required to lodge income tax return (Form S) and subsequent years as employers must have deducted correct PAYE from employment income taking into account Employee’s Tax Code Declaration. Commissioner’s assessments will be issued to those taxpayers whose PAYE have been over deducted or under deducted.

  3. I haven’t been lodging income tax returns for 2012 and past three years as my employer hasn’t been issuing me with an Employee Certificate. Am I obliged to lodge these returns and liable to pay any tax dues?
    Yes, you still have to lodge your outstanding returns. The Authority can investigate your employer to find out why you have not been issued with an Employee Certificate and find out whether they have or have not deducted any tax. You may also contact your Human Resources/Finance Section to get a summary of your pay details for those particular years. 

    With effect from 1st January 2013, The employer is obliged under the Income Tax Act; in particular the Income Tax (Withholding) Regulations 2013 to deduct and remit the PAYE tax and Employer Monthly Summaries (EMS) and to issue you with an employee withholding tax certificate by the end of February of the following year. The employer can be penalized for failing to follow these regulations.

    Every person from whose emoluments any amount shall be deducted pursuant to the Employments Regulations shall, upon the amount being so deducted, be deemed to have paid the same and shall thereupon cease to be liable for payment of tax to the extent of the amount so deducted.

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