Our Approach To Compliance

The New Tax Information System (NTIS) provides a wide range of e-service through the Taxpayer Online Service (TPOS). This system continues to be an effective self-service system that allows our customers to access a variety of tax service through the digital space without having to visit the office. These include TIN and Joint Card registration, Filing of returns for tax types such as VAT, FBT, Telecommunications Levy (TL), ECAL, PAYE, Provisional Tax (PT), RIWT, Rental Annual Report, Gambling Turnover Tax (GTT) and CGT. Also available is the option of Change of Circumstance (COC) where customers can change their personal and business details, engage a number of registered Tax Agents and even Deregister businesses or particular tax types.

The Taxpayer Request function allows customers to communicate with FRCS without visiting the office. These include requests for Tax Compliance Certificates, Time to Pay Arrangements (TTPA), Remission of Penalties, Clarification, SRT Ring Fencing, Special Tax Rate, Withholding Tax Statement, Possession Agreement, PT COE, RIWT COE, Promoters Registration, Diplomatic Missions & International Organization Refunds, Film Production VAT Refunds, Recognition of Approved Funds, Income Tax Concessions, New Dwelling House VAT Refunds, Objections, Extension of Time to File and Objection, Stay on Recover of Disputed Tax, CGT Certificate and Objection withdrawal.

In addition to enhancing customer service, students under the Tertiary Education & Loan Scheme (TELS) are now able to use TPOS to access Student Loan Statement, Loan Repayment, Accelerated Repayment Incentives Calculator, Temporary Release to Travel abroad and can request for Permanent release from Restricted Travel List.

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Refer video tutorials: 
VAT Return Filing
How to fix VAT Input Claim Errors
PAYE Return Filing
How to Upload Excel Files for PAYE
Provisional Tax Filing
RIWT Filing
FBT Filing
GTT Class 1 Filing
GTT Class 2 Filing

NTIS is also complemented with a built in Data Warehouse to assist with macro level analysis. These Dashboard Analytics provide an efficient way to extract data from the taxpayer database and assist senior management in making informative decisions. These include Taxpayer Registration Dashboard where a summary of the taxpayer population spread across districts with its registered tax types. Tax type dashboards are also available for ECAL, FBT and VAT as well as Compliance Dashboards for Lodgments and Payments. Other dashboards include Refund, Penalties, Debt Management & Debt Collection Dashboards, Amendments and Time to Pay Arrangement (TTPA).

To assist in identifying risky taxpayers, the Profiling Tool dashboard provides an overview of the taxpayer’s profile and the Risk Analysis Dashboard shows the risk score data for each profile. The ICI Dashboard shows Audit assessments raised, Audit penalties, Payables & Collectable amounts for audit cases. In addition, there is also an Application Turnaround Time Dashboard that tracks all applications submitted and the turnaround time for processing by each officer.

Gold Card service provides priority and privileged services to highly compliant customers. Its intent is to encourage customers to meet tax and customs obligations and to modernize services to a commercialized aligned service. These customers enjoy instant tax receipting of tax payments, lodgment of returns, assessment reviews, tax clearance certificates, issuance of Certificate of Exemption (COE) and other services offered by FRCS without having to queue in line at the counter.

Being a member of the Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) has a number of extensive benefits including greater facilitation and self-certification to entities who have demonstrated a strong internal control system and compliance with tax and customs laws. These benefits include deferred payment of import duties; bond and bank guarantee waivers in bonded warehouses, tanks and private bond facilities. Inspection of goods under Customs profiles is also waived for AEO members for smooth facilitation of trade.


The FRCS Information Support Centre ensures that all customer segments understand their registration, filing, payment and their requirements of reporting. To meet the needs of the growing population of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME), FRCS has setup a MSME Support Centre through the Information Support Centre. The Centre provides MSMEs with free advisory services including business registration, filing of returns, payments, VAT registration, Tax and Customs incentives available to them, Budget changes that will impact them, tax clearance processing and other tax and customs related queries.

Please contact our MSME Support Centre via email: msme@frcs.org.fj

Improving voluntary compliance requires that the service be brought to the people. FRCS engages media outlets to ensure customers are up to date with information regarding their tax obligations. Awareness sessions to different groups of customers continue with new concepts including the Podcast Channel that explains to its listeners on the available services that is provided by FRCS online as well as the TPOS User Guides available for download. The official YouTube channel has uploaded more than 35 YouTube tutorial videos on how to use TPOS. FRCS staff are interviewed on TV programs and radio talk back shows including ‘4 the Record’, ‘Speak Your Mind’ as well as vernacular speaking shows; ‘Na I Vakekeli’ and ‘Aaina’ for a wider audience reach. Tax Talk articles continue to be published monthly as well as the growing number of Facebook followers of approximately 25,067.

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The Contact Centre was established to enhance FRCS quality of service where on average 3,000 customer calls are received per month. A dedicated team of professionals are tasked with handling all customer queries regarding TIN registrations, filing of returns, payments, progress of customer's online applications and also referring calls to relevant FRCS officers regarding technical issues.

You may contact us via our hotline: 1326, landline: 3243000 or email us at info@frcs.org.fj.

FRCS recommends our customers to use our online TPOS to also initiate 'Requests'. This can be done by logging into your TPOS and using the 'Requests' tile. The following are available:

  • Joint ID
  • Statements
  • Certificates
  • Waivers
  • Student Loan
  • Time to Pay Arrangements
  • Extensions
  • Income Tax
  • Promoters Registration
  • Concessions
  • Information
  • VAT Refunds
  • Objections

Compliance Tax and Customs Audits have several benefits for our customers. Firstly, by ensuring that all tax obligations have been met, customers can avoid potential penalties and interest charges that may arise from non-compliance. Additionally, compliance audits can identify areas where customers may be able to improve their tax planning strategies and maximize deductions or credits, ultimately leading to potential tax savings. Furthermore, compliance audits can provide peace of mind for customers by verifying that their financial records and tax filings are accurate and up-to-date, which can help to avoid future audits or investigations. Overall, compliance Tax and Customs Audits can offer several advantages for customers, including cost savings, improved tax planning, and reduced risk of future audits or penalties.

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Customers are required to have proper records for at least 7 years. In case of certain receipts or invoices which fade, customers can make soft copies via their smart phones and keep a back up online. 



Numerous incentives are available to customers, serving as allowances or deductions that can aid in the long-term growth of your business. It is important not to exploit these incentives, and appropriate documentation must be provided when claiming them.

Refer Incentives and our Brochures for more information. 

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