How Is Your Tax Money Used?

Everyone in Fiji pays taxes whether it be direct or indirect. Our customers need to know the importance of paying tax and how Government uses this money for the betterment of Fiji. Paying your fair share of taxes has a rippling effect across our beautiful nation. These can be in the form of reducing poverty, making roads and hospitals in villages or providing education facilities to all students.

In Fiji, tax money is collected by the government and used to fund various public services and programs, including infrastructure development, social services, defense and security, and public administration. These services are essential for promoting the well-being and quality of life of citizens, ensuring economic growth and development, protecting the country’s borders, maintaining law and order, and responding to emergencies. The allocation of tax money is based on the priorities of the government and the needs of the population.

The top major expenditures by Government as per the latest budget estimates is as follows:


Source: https://www.economy.gov.fj/images/Budget/budgetdocuments/estimates/2022-2023_Budget_Estimates_-_As_Approved_by_Parliament.pdf


Taxes and Duties collected are the main source of revenue for Government to fund its expenditures. As depicted in the above graph, the top three expenditures are from the social sector (Education and Health) and infrastructure (Fiji Roads Authority). The high cost of Education is attributed to the scholarships, loans and grants administered by the Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board, free Education Grant for Year 1 to Year 13, transport assistance to low income earning families and other grants and subsidies. Expenditure allocated to Health sector is mainly focused on improving quality care in health services by upgrading divisional and sub-divisional hospitals, health centers and nursing stations with major refurbishments intended for specific departments. Major expenses also include response to COVID-19 pandemic through the vaccination initiative and support for border health protection. Funds allocated to Fiji Roads Authority is reported as Governments third highest expenditure and will comprise of road rehabilitation, replacement of key bridges, upgrade of roads and tracks used by rural communities and other developments that will ease congestion and improve road user experience.

Overall, the government of Fiji uses tax money to provide essential services and promote economic growth and development in the country. The specific allocation of tax money depends on the priorities of the government and the needs of the population.

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